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From finding a $20 bill in an old jacket to finally finishing a TV series on the watchlist, the average person has four small wins a day, or 1,460 every year, according to a new survey.

A poll of 2,004 Americans delved into the impact of life’s little successes and found that four in five have become more conscious of their small wins since the start of the pandemic.

87% find these wins to be crucial for powering through the day, according to the survey conducted by OnePoll for TGI Fridays. So much so, 67% have made a conscious effort to recognize and celebrate them more, compared to before the pandemic.

Baby boomers said completing chores, decorating for the season, and other home-related goals, are the most satisfying types of small wins to achieve.

When it comes to self-care, 92% of all respondents have been exploring different methods of maintaining personal wellness—and 87% said recognizing any small wins each day is a crucial form of self-care.

Respondents also listed things such as paying off a bill or hitting a savings goal (56%), and sweet surprises like getting a free cup of coffee or finding a great parking spot (53%) as other small wins worth celebrating.

No matter the achievement, however, 82% said there’s no such thing as a win being “too small” to celebrate.

Nine in 10 said these small wins have a positive impact on their mental health and 82% agree they are the key to having a good day.

Best ways to celebrate small wins?
Fifty-four percent said telling friends and family about small successes is the best way to savor it.

Half said treating yourself to a special dinner or a cocktail is another great way to celebrate.


hearing new music for the first time
completing self-care activity
finishing watching a TV series
paying a bill off
achieving a savings goal
completing chores
decorating for the season
finding money in old clothes
getting the best parking spot
trying a new food for the first time
achieving a fitness goal
reading a book
learning to cook a new dish
arriving just in time
fixing a typo before hitting send
getting off work early


Spending quality time with loved ones – 48%
Not taking anything for granted – 42%
Writing down goals, small wins big successes in a journal – 42%
Exercising/doing yoga – 42%
Spending more time outdoors – 40%
Having more celebrations, even for small things – 40%
Unplugging from social media – 32%