We welcome reader submissions for The Red Vine and our website, including photos, letters and articles. Our goal is to provide a source of news, analysis and debate for the working class movement. If you have any problems or difficulties following these guidelines, just submit your material as-is and we’ll be more than happy to lend you a hand.

  • Try to write in an accessible way; our goal is to popularize socialist ideas to a general working class audience, a class that includes both seasoned activists / organizers as well as people who are fresh to left-wing politics. The Red Vine is not an academic journal.
  • When introducing an acronym or a term that would be unfamiliar to many readers (CPUSA, COINTELPRO, proletariat et cetera), define that term.
  • When using epicene (gender-neutral) pronouns, you may use either “he or she” or “they.”
  • There currently is no set minimum or maximum submission lengths, but articles should have a clear beginning, middle and end. Titles should clearly pertain to the content of the submission. We recommend using sub-headings to help longer articles flow better.
  • Cite the sources used for quotations and facts when they are either contentious or not broadly known. You can do this either by working the reference to your source into your sentence or by using endnotes.
  • Submissions are accepted via plain text or in .doc/.docx, .pages and .odt. If you submit a document file, please use Times New Roman font size 11 set to 1.2 space and justified alignment.