The Red Vine: Issue Number One Release

The New Communist Party of America is pleased to announce the release of the inaugural issue of its new journal, The Red Vine. We feel that this magazine will serve an important role in the months and years to come in furthering the cause of unity of the working class as a class for itself: a class that fights for its own independent interests in society, synthesizing the positions and needs of the oppressed, organizing the unorganized. In particular, The Red Vine is aimed at furthering the cause of a united communist party and a new Communist International – two things we desperately need if we are to overcome the sectarian ineffectiveness that plagues the socialist Left today.

Unity Through Action & Debate


The Red Vine No. 1 features articles on immigration reform, Native Americans, the postal workers’ fight against privatization and left unity all from a socialist perspective. Unlike some journals, The Red Vine does not require that all authors be members of the organization, nor does it require all articles to conform to the “party line.” The journal hopes to create a space where different tendencies in the workers’ movement can hash out ideas and strengthen their unity through open discussion and debate. To that end, we invite readers to send us letters – or even articles – for publication in the second issue.
Paper & Free Digital Editions
There are two ways to access this magazine. The first is to get a paper – we are suggesting a donation of between one and three dollars per issue to help the party recoup printing costs, but any amount (or no amount, for people in difficult financial situations) is acceptable. Get a paper copy from your local NCPA Branch / District (if applicable) or contact us to order a copy by mail.
The second way is to download a digital (PDF) copy here –  The Red Vine No.1 –  free of charge.

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