The Red Vine, April 2014


Socialism: Education, Advocacy & Organization
Socialism: Education, Advocacy & Organization

The Red Vine No.1: Download a digital copy for free or buy a print copy from your local Red Party branch. In this issue:

  • Russia, U.S. and European imperialism in the Ukraine crisis
  • A socialist perspective on immigration reform
  • Marxism and American Indians
  • Corporations block clean energy development
  • Organizing a communist party-movement
  • The limits of “Twitter revolution”
  • Left unity campaign gathers steam
  • Postal workers fight low wages and privatization

The Red Vine is a magazine that puts forward a pro-worker perspective of today’s news and of history, including the stories the corporate media won’t touch. As the official publication of the Red Party, it places a special emphasis on the need to develop a new independent working class politics – in other words, a united socialist party movement.



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