State of Reaction

Cassidy Good surveys the conditions faced by trans people in the wake of North Carolina's "bathroom law"

Openly discriminatory

North Carolina Governor Pat McCroy has recently approved a law banning all local governments from passing non-discrimination laws in the state. This repressive bathroom law also means that what was printed on your birth certificate, however many years ago, determines what bathroom you have to use today. This leads to a lack of safety for transgender people, especially the trans working class, who may have no facilities to use during work.

In this country the progression of transgender rights goes ever downward. What can we really expect when the most famous transgender “role model” in this country today is Caitlyn Jenner? A rich transgender woman who openly supports Ted Cruz; the same Ted Cruz who has made speeches in churches openly supporting gay execution.

How can we believe in moving forward when a trans person is murdered every twenty nine hours?1 In 2015, America hit the highest number of transgender murders ever recorded.2 When you add this with the suicides and “accidents”, it can be terrifying for transgendered person to leave the house, let alone live life.

Most trans people live in a constant state of poverty, working two or three jobs, living paycheck to paycheck to afford the basic necessities of life. Transgender people are four more times likely to have an annual household income less then $10,0003. According to a survey done by an LGBTQ organization, 25% of transgendered people reported losing a job because they did not fall in to the “norm”.4 Above ninety percent reported discrimination at work. What happens when it is no longer safe even to use the bathroom at your place of employment?

Today we are concentrating on the bathroom laws in North Carolina, but what comes tomorrow? How can this have a good ending? How do we end the terror inflicted on the trans community? The development of a revolutionary movement in North Carolina and the whole of the South might be the only effective plan left to save the innocent transgender people dying daily. Personally, I believe that revolutionary movement is the future of the Red Party.