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USSR: Getting the Soviet Union Right

March 22, 2015 admin 1

The Soviet Union still matters. Though it passed into history in August 1991, the Soviet Union casts a distinct shadow. Indeed it is impossible to understand contemporary capitalism – that is, capitalism in the 20th […]

The Left

Programme and Party

February 15, 2015 Editor 0

(Editor’s note: The following article was originally published in the Weekly Worker. The “Socialist Workers Party” referred to in the article is the British Trotskyist organization founded by Tony Cliff, previously aligned with the U.S. […]


For a Socialist Alliance in 2016!

January 17, 2015 admin 4

It’s only January, but it already feels as though 2016 is here. The highest expression of American democracy – let that sink in for a moment – is swinging into gear, with Hillary Clinton’s candidacy […]


Anti-Capitalist Radio Episode 65

October 24, 2014 admin 0

The solar power controversy (0:00) Work ’till you drop (7:40) Quarantine America? (16:00) Freedom Socialist Party’s $13/hour job scandal (27:00)