The Left

USSR: Getting the Soviet Union Right

March 22, 2015 admin 1

The Soviet Union still matters. Though it passed into history in August 1991, the Soviet Union casts a distinct shadow. Indeed it is impossible to understand contemporary capitalism – that is, capitalism in the 20th […]


Iraq and Syria: Lining Up Behind Reactionaries

October 12, 2014 admin 0

Another year, another drive towards war. Those paying attention to President Obama’s recent speeches would be forgiven for thinking they were hearing a George W. Bush “best-of” mix rather than the original words of a […]

The Left

What is Communism?

September 9, 2014 admin 0

What exactly is communism? For years I was given several notions, stereotypes, textbook definitions, conceptions, etc. No one can keep from noticing, though, that there seems to be a common agreed upon idea, that communism […]