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Left Strategy and 2016

August 21, 2016 admin 0

Now that Bernie Sanders has given his full-throated support to Hillary Clinton, the sections of the left that backed his primary campaign – and those that didn’t – are grappling with how to advance socialist […]

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Party or Bust

May 10, 2016 admin 0

Socialist Alternative’s front “Movement for Bernie” is distributing an online petition calling for Bernie Sanders to run as an independent. Petition can be seen here.1 Nearly twenty thousand signatures, calling for Bernie Sanders to run […]


What Political Alternative to Sanders?

July 29, 2015 admin 1

In a previous article in the Red Vine, I overviewed a probable trajectory of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, noting that, at least as the campaign and the candidate are concerned, any upsurge for the (broadly-defined) left […]


Midterm Elections and the Politics of Despair

November 11, 2014 admin 0

The triumphant conservative talking heads and the loud pots-and-pans media banging on about the right-wing midterm results should take a moment to consider the whole picture. November 4th wasn’t so much a Republican victory as […]

The Left

Looking at the Left: Socialist Alternative

June 10, 2014 admin 0

Victory, Sweet Glorious Victory! The victory of Kshama Sawant in Seattle, W.A. and the near victory of Ty Moore in Minneapolis, M.N. has resulted in quite the advance for Socialist Alternative (SAlt) and more broadly […]

The Left

Socialists for Office: Falling Short

June 9, 2014 Gabriel Pierre 0

Since her election to the Seattle city council late last year, Socialist Alternative’s Kshama Sawant has picked up a certain fame extending beyond the usual suspects of left-wing activists. She’s been profiled by some of […]

No Picture

Socialists for City Council: A Comparison

August 7, 2013 admin 0

As I write these lines, the news is coming in that Kshama Sawant, candidate of the U.S. left-wing organization Socialist Alternative, has placed second in the primary election for a contested seat on the Seattle […]