Syria: Political Crisis, Political Solution

Statement by the Red Party Central Committee

Neither American intervention nor Assad

We, the Red Party, absolutely oppose all military attacks on Syria and its people. There is nothing ‘humanitarian’ about imperialist intervention. This attack is being made in the interests of the American capitalist class and nothing more. Syria has been wrought by internal instability, civil war, brutal government repression, and poverty. Imperialist intervention will do nothing but bring death and destruction to an already ravaged country, as it has done throughout the Middle East.

By opposing American intervention, we are not advocating support for Assad’s regime. No communist can support one capitalist state against another; we stand with the working classes of all countries. Assad has shown nothing but fear and hatred for the people of his country, attacking them with the impunity American imperialism wants to have. Supporting Assad’s government is no better than supporting imperialism. The crisis inflicted on the Middle East is a political crisis that demands a political solution, one that only the working classes of the world can provide.

Those within the armed forces need to take whatever action is necessary to shut down the war machine. We demand:

  • The right of soldiers to unionize, and the right to elect and recall their officers.
  • Unconditional support and citizenship for Syrian refugees.
  • Immediate end to all military acts in Syria.
  • Withdrawal of all American military forces in Syria.