Sunday: 3rd Red Party Conference Call

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Program: Education, Agitation, Organization

Sunday, May 18th
Start time: 5PM Eastern / 4PM Central
End time: 6:15PM Eastern / 5:15PM Central

This Sunday, the Red Party will conduct its third open conference call dealing primarily with revisions to the Draft Program. The first two calls have seen a number of different proposals and counter-proposals discussed and synthesized; the third will further develop this process further and potentially hold a final vote.

Since we’ve experienced access problems with both conference services used so far, the third call will be conducted via Skype. Skype is free to use for online group calls and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Contact the Red Party to give us your Skype username and let us know you’re coming. This conference, like the others, is open to both members and non-members. A draft agenda for the event follows below. This page will be updated to list the program changes that are currently being considered.

  • Introductions (if applicable)
  • Short discussion on Red Party organizing efforts: Trans-Pacific Partnership opposition and 15 Now
  • Draft Program revisions

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