On the Trump Nomination

Statement by the Red Party North Carolina

Focal point of reaction (image via Gage Skidmore)

As of May 4th 2016, Donald Trump’s last opponent in the Republican primaries has dropped out. This will make him the presumptive Republican nominee for the 2016 elections. The plan (and shaky alliance) between Ted Cruz and John Kasich to force a brokered convention has failed. We in the Red Party find all 3 of them (and the other candidates) to be disgusting for a great many reasons, but with this development it is time to focus our energy on Trump in particular.

Trump’s campaign and platform are arguably the boldest and most unnerving of any Republican candidate yet to appear in the televised media. His statement that he would be in favor of a national ID system for American Muslims is worthy of a peoples’ revolution on its own, but in his campaign he has also attacked women, the disabled, and all people of color. It is clear that Trump’s interests only follow in the far-right brownshirts he could gain by spouting (and legitimizing) such rhetoric. And they are, indeed, brownshirts- an artist who made a caricature of him was violently attacked just days ago by a Trump supporter after they leaked her address. At his campaign speeches many black people, Latinos, and people of Arab descent have all been harassed simply for being present whether they were even actively protesting or not! Trump supporters have even formed a paramilitary organization, the “Lion’s Guard”, specifically to “forcefully protect” him. They even openly use fascist quotations and imagery on their page (including a quote from Benito Mussolini and a Trumpified mockup of the “Gott Mit Uns” Nazi medallion). Most of Trump’s followers say they support him because he’s an “outsider” to the bureaucrats and career politicians in the party. He is indeed, in the same way that Hitler was an outsider to the Reichstag.

These things did not happen in a vacuum. Republican decadence, corruption, and pandering to reactionaries had finally boiled over when said reactionaries felt they weren’t getting enough substance outside of the election seasons. In this way the legitimate frustrations against the antidemocratic tendencies of the “establishment” became intertwined with reactionary far-right ideology that shocked even existing conservatives. Is Trump just another of the same who will say anything to get elected and ignore the most extreme bits in an actual administration? We don’t know, nor do we care to. What is most important is that these working class people are being fooled once again by a different master. If you want a representative of the workers, then you elect a worker. Not a multibillionaire.

Though we reach out (and will continue to reach out) to all workers of any existing ideological slant, we also recognize that many of these particular followers may be irreparably consumed by fascism. The working class must be prepared to defend itself against Trumpism and its followers by any means necessary. For this a proletarian party-movement which is not afraid to arm itself is necessary. Malcolm X, in his final public speech on February 14, 1965, had some great words to say about how violent racists (and fascists, by extent) are best dealt with:

“Brothers and sisters, if you and I would just realize that once we learn to talk the language that they understand, they will then get the point. You can’t ever reach a man if you don’t speak his language. If a man speaks the language of brute force, you can’t come to him with peace. Why, good night! He’ll break you in two, as he has been doing all along. If a man speaks French, you can’t speak to him in German. If he speaks Swahili, you can’t communicate with him in Chinese. You have to find out what does this man speak. And once you know his language, learn how to speak his language, and he’ll get the point. There’ll be some dialogue, some communication, and some understanding will be developed.

You’ve been in this country long enough to know the language the Klan speaks. They only know one language. And what you and I have to start doing in 1965 — I mean that’s what you have to do, because most of us already been doing it — is start learning a new language. Learn the language that they understand. And then when they come up on our doorstep to talk, we can talk. And they will get the point. There’ll be a dialogue, there’ll be some communication, and I’m quite certain there will then be some understanding. Why? Because the Klan is a cowardly outfit. They have perfected the art of making Negroes be afraid. As long as the Negro’s afraid, the Klan is safe. But the Klan itself is cowardly. One of them will never come after one of you. They all come together. Sure, and they’re scared of you.”

Malcolm also mentioned that he had successfully ended likely harm to black Alabamans during Martin Luther King’s travels in the state when he openly threatened George Lincoln Rockwell (leader of the American Nazi Party) that he was not bound by principles of nonviolence. Neither should we socialists be. Fascism is not to be debated, it is to be smashed. And while we would not encourage misdirected violence which accomplishes no strategic goal, we expect that leftists will be prepared for any eventuality in light of the increased presence of Trumpism. Even if Trump loses the general election, the poisonous ideas he’s put into many American minds will remain. We must reclaim the minds that we can, of these workers who have simply chosen the wrong path in their fight against the political system. But those that can’t, we must be prepared to do battle against.

The Red Party supports direct action of any kind that will take the wind out of Trump’s sails. Whatever he or any other candidate may accomplish in the political system is certainly weakened if there are principled workers in the streets against it. But it is outright abolished with workers that band together and make their own rules. Find and exploit the weaknesses of the ruling class. Organize, create your own systems of power, and then use them to challenge the existing structures. Be flexible and pragmatic about when the law should be followed and when it should not be. And in all things and in all ways, fight. If you are willing to do that then you are our comrade.

The Red Party recognizes that fascists depend on a fearful opposition. Their true cowardice shows when they have to fight on equal terms outside of an election. Workers need to stick together in these increasingly unsafe times. Join the Red Party, and we can help create a movement that goes beyond simple activism. A workers’ party-movement can be decentralized on a large scale but united in action against capitalism. It will represent each community where it is present, and as more branches form the workers will gain the power to rule themselves. The new “establishment” of the united working class will not be defeated; to the contrary it will usher in a new era of democracy for workplaces, communities, government, and all means of production!