May Day 2014 Round-Up

International Workers Day: the labor holiday

One hundred and twenty-five years ago, the international working class movement launched its own holiday – International Workers Day, known commonly as May Day and celebrated on May 1st.

With its origins in the Australian and U.S. workers’ movement – specifically, the Chicago Haymarket Massacre – International Workers Day was proclaimed by the Second (Socialist) International as part of the trans-continental campaign for the eight-hour working day.

May Day in History


A Selection of May Day 2014 Events in the United States:

  • Chicago – Sponsored by the Service Employees International Union with participation from the CGT (France), plus the annual march for immigration justice.
  • New York City – Occupy Bank of America, from Global Climate Convergence
  • Miami, FL¬†– Workers rights / history of May Day
  • Gainesville, FL – Workers rights, potluck and cultural performances, solidarity picket
  • Milwaukee, WI – Workers, immigrants and students rights
  • Anti-Capitalist Radio (online)