Letter to the Communist League on a Joint Publication

Following a successful convention motion, the Red Party looks to open a dialogue on a joint publication between the CLT and RP

Hopefully with more editorial openness than this

As it so happens, the Red Party finds itself in more-or-less political agreement with the Communist League of Tampa and wishes to begin a joint publication with them for the purpose of opening up debates between the two organizations and the individuals within them. Ideally, over the course of the coming months – perhaps years – the organizations will find themselves in general agreement on major issues of political principle and hopefully find a way forward as a unified political party. Of course, before we can even get started, we need to sketch out a draft for what this joint-publication could or should look like.

An Editorial Board should consist of at least one Main Editor, one Assistant Editor, and one Art Editor. Who occupies these positions should be the result of discussion between the two organizations and then elections held for the positions.

Taking into consideration the small numbers of our organizations and the reality that we are left with a relatively small amount of free time to write articles et cetera, it should be considered that the publication run on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

There are, of course, other issues that should discussed (for example, do we have a paid staff? How long should someone be on the Editorial Board? What should the publication be called?), however this letter is being published with the intent of opening up these issues for debate and discussion rather than demanding a specific line be followed before we even begin.