Dissolution of the Red Party

Statement by the Red Party Central Committee

Still fighting to achieve our historic tasks


It is with regret but celebration that we announce the winding down of the Red Party, either permanently or until such time that an organization with the same program and aims can be established. The Red Party was always a small organization, even with respect to the small and fractured nature of the U.S. left, but since the summer of 2017 – bruised by a contentious convention and followed by life changes in some leading comrades upon whose shoulders much of the administrative work fell – it has not functioned as an active, campaigning organization.

In closing this chapter, we are not ending the long-term campaign for “working class unity in a single socialist party-movement” (What We Stand For), nor are we dismissing the real advances made by the Red Party during its lifetime. From 2014 to 2017, when the organization advanced from its infancy, we spread the idea that a revolution on the revolutionary left had the power to radically advance the project for human emancipation. We established multiple local branches, with projects ranging from organizing around #BlackLivesMatter in Iowa to the living wage movement in New Jersey. We made The Red Vine a voice for partyist politics and serious engagement with program as the foundation for the future party. While we argued for a party program based on “working class independence, internationalism and radical democracy” (Draft Program), we attempted to practice those principles in a modest way through making The Red Vine a site for persuasion and polemic within the organization and other sections of the left that engaged with us.

Some comrades have gone on to other projects, notably the Emancipation research group (founded by comrades who left following the 2017 convention) and the DSA Refoundation Caucus (which recently merged with DSA Spark founded by former RP members.) We encourage all comrades, supporters, and readers to carry on the fight for the socialist liberation of society. We also encourage former members to keep in contact with one another, drawing from past and future lessons we learn.

In practical terms, the organization’s financial assets will be divided between the formally established branches (the national treasury and branch funds), while our printed materials (The Red Vine, web-only articles or statements, foundational documents, leaflets, and communications from the 2016 and 2017 conventions) will be preserved in a public venue with the same rights of access and reproduction as before.

In Solidarity,

  • Dametrious P., Susie M., Gabriel P., Peter M., and Grant G., for the Red Party Central Committee