Announcement: New Party Program

August 24, 2014 admin 0

The Red Party’s new Draft Program is now ready for release, the result of two months of collaboration and debate. The new program is an overhaul on the old Draft Program from 2012; while keeping […]


What Way Forward for Palestine Solidarity?

August 8, 2014 admin 1

As these lines are written, the death toll from Israel’s month-long siege of Gaza stands at more than 1,800 Palestinians and 67 Israelis, 64 of whom were soldiers. For the Palestinians, the figures skew in […]

The Left

Silver Lining in Detroit Crises

July 15, 2014 admin 0

The capitalist crises in Detroit have reached a new low with the shutting off of water for thousands of low income, mostly black, working class folks. Between this, the massive layoff of public workers, and […]


Iraq: America’s Frankenstein’s Monster

July 9, 2014 admin 2

Iraq is on the verge of a splintering collapse that could throw backward the entire region. While the immediate antagonist is the sectarian Sunni Islamist force known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria […]

The Left

The Great Lenin Debate of 2012

June 18, 2014 admin 0

(Originally published at Red Atlanta.) Over the past several decades, much of the international Left has come to question the “Leninist” party-building model that was hegemonic among Western socialists for the majority of the twentieth […]

The Left

Looking at the Left: Socialist Alternative

June 10, 2014 admin 0

Victory, Sweet Glorious Victory! The victory of Kshama Sawant in Seattle, W.A. and the near victory of Ty Moore in Minneapolis, M.N. has resulted in quite the advance for Socialist Alternative (SAlt) and more broadly […]

The Left

Socialists for Office: Falling Short

June 9, 2014 Gabriel Pierre 0

Since her election to the Seattle city council late last year, Socialist Alternative’s Kshama Sawant has picked up a certain fame extending beyond the usual suspects of left-wing activists. She’s been profiled by some of […]


Draft Program Debate – Latest Version

May 27, 2014 admin 0

Below is the latest proposal for the Red Party’s new Draft Program, which at the most recent Party conference call saw an amendment on the strategy needed to win Marxist unity combined with the main document and […]


Sunday: 3rd Red Party Conference Call

May 14, 2014 admin 1

Sunday, May 18th Start time: 5PM Eastern / 4PM Central End time: 6:15PM Eastern / 5:15PM Central This Sunday, the Red Party will conduct its third open conference call dealing primarily with revisions to the Draft Program. The […]