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Daniel DeLeon: For a Merry Christmas

December 24, 2015 admin 0

Credit to the Marxists Internet Archive. The latent goodness in the human heart is shown at this season when thousands of people, buffeted, spurned, wronged, and abused by the world, make an attempt to be […]


After Baltimore, What?

May 25, 2015 admin 0

As the bourgeois media turns its shallow and reliably fickle attention away from last month’s uprising in Baltimore, the socialist left should ask itself what the next likely steps are – and what role it […]

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Programme and Party

February 15, 2015 Editor 0

(Editor’s note: The following article was originally published in the Weekly Worker. The “Socialist Workers Party” referred to in the article is the British Trotskyist organization founded by Tony Cliff, previously aligned with the U.S. […]

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Lenin’s Letter to American Socialists

January 24, 2015 admin 0

In 1915, World War I was bringing not only unprecedented slaughter to Europe’s working class but also a political collapse of the Socialist International, most of those parties backed their “own” imperialist ruling classes against the […]

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Party Update #10

January 17, 2015 admin 0

310 people read The Red Vine last month, although that number doesn’t include those who read individual articles online but don’t download the digital edition or buy a paper copy. That will change in the […]

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Getting Organized to Change the Left

November 10, 2014 admin 1

People who are familiar with our politics and publications will likely know that the Red Party at least tries to orient itself a little differently than most other socialist groups in the United States.  While […]