Venezuela and Anti-Imperialism

March 18, 2015 admin 0

Last Monday, President Obama announced a new wave of economic sanctions against Venezuela on the grounds that it is an “extraordinary threat to national security.” The executive order is nominally aimed at seven top Venezuelan […]


CIA Roots of Islamic Fundamentalism

January 17, 2015 admin 0

On Sunday January 11, according to France’s ministry of interior, at least 3.7 million people marched across France to support the freedom of the press. As many on the left have pointed out, the demonstration […]


Haiti: Reaching for Emancipation

January 17, 2015 admin 1

Protesters have returned to the streets of Haiti as the Caribbean island’s suffering people once again act to take their destinies into their own hands. The protests have been going on for months, with thousands […]

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Review: The Underground Girls of Kabul

December 18, 2014 admin 0

The class war is older than capitalism. It began with the agricultural revolution and the rise of patriarchy, when women became slaves to procreation and men – especially ruling class men, but even the poor […]


To Save the Planet, Fight for a Red World

November 10, 2014 admin 0

(Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in the Weekly Worker during the run-up to 2009’s Copenhagen Climate Summit. We reprint it here given the increasingly grave nature of global climate change, the ruling class’s […]


A pseudo-democratic caricature

November 7, 2014 admin 0

(Editor’s note: This article was originally published in the Weekly Worker. We reproduce it below as a service to our readers, with particular emphasis on the similarities between the fundamentally undemocratic bicameral legislatures our two […]


Iraq and Syria: Lining Up Behind Reactionaries

October 12, 2014 admin 0

Another year, another drive towards war. Those paying attention to President Obama’s recent speeches would be forgiven for thinking they were hearing a George W. Bush “best-of” mix rather than the original words of a […]


WWI: Putin Blames Bolsheviks

September 19, 2014 admin 0

Russian President Putin recently dedicated1 a World War I monument in Moscow with a speech. He started, “ A century ago on this day, Russia found itself obliged to enter World War I.” Further in […]


In Brief: We Need a Raise!

September 16, 2014 admin 0

Richard Katz writes about Japan’s failed economic comeback plan in the July / August issue of Foreign Affairs, “Low-paid temps and part-timers now make up 38 percent of Japanese employees of all ages and both […]


Resistance from Ferguson to Gaza

September 10, 2014 admin 0

The killing of yet another unarmed Black teen – eighteen year old Mike Brown – by a white police officer, this time in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri, took its place in the […]