May Day 2014 Round-Up

April 29, 2014 admin 0

One hundred and twenty-five years ago, the international working class movement launched its own holiday – International Workers Day, known commonly as May Day and celebrated on May 1st. With its origins in the Australian […]


New Name, Same Politics

April 19, 2014 admin 0

Members of the New Communist Party of America concluded a period of discussion on Wednesday, April 16th with a vote on whether or not to change the organization’s name. With 71% of first-preference votes cast […]


Toward Marxist Unity

April 1, 2014 admin 0

(Note: This article was originally published before the vote to change the organization’s name to “Red Party.” The views expressed in this editorial have since been expanded upon in the “What We Stand For” column. -Ed.) […]


A Revolutionary Voice on International Women’s Day

March 8, 2014 admin 0

On the 105th International Working Women’s Day, we republishe an article by Russian revolutionary and Communist Party leader Alexandra Kollontai. Writing in 1920, just a few years after the Russian Revolution but before the bloody rise […]


Lenin’s Real Politics: Answering Taaffe’s Distortions

February 20, 2014 admin 0

(This article was originally published in the Weekly Worker, newspaper of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Provisional Central Committee.) We republish it here in defense of V.I. Lenin’s revolutionary legacy.) Peter Taaffe’s approach to Bolshevik history […]