#BlackLivesMatter and the Working Class

August 30, 2015 Editor 0

(The following is the text of a lead-off presentation, edited for clarity, from a Cedar Rapids, Iowa public forum in solidarity with the #BlackOutAmerica National Day of Action.) The movement that began last August in Ferguson […]


ACR Episode 72

August 21, 2015 Editor 0

Union local calls for AFL-CIO police union disaffiliation (0:00) CPUSA leader hails “people’s front” with Wall Street (10:00) Greece: Tsipras resigns as Syriza splits (22:00) Anti-communist repression in Kazakhstan (27:00)


A Sick System

August 2, 2015 Editor 0

Twelve-million Americans get misdiagnosed in a hospital each year. In 2011 a study reported that 440,000 people die of treatable diseases in the hospital each year. Such sad news comes to light in this story […]


Fight for $15: A Troubling Pattern

August 1, 2015 Editor 0

The fight for $15 scored a limited but noteworthy advance last week in New York, where Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Wage Board (an executive commission comprised of representatives from both capitalists and labor unions) coming […]


U.S. Imperialism and Israel’s Role

June 11, 2015 Editor 0

(Originally published in the Weekly Worker) Let’s start by recalling four recent dates. In December last year Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu engineered a cabinet crisis, well before a general election was due – he […]


ACR Supplement to Episode 70

May 29, 2015 Editor 0

The social and human cost of extraction – discussion on The Pipeline and the Paradigm: Keystone XL, Tar Sands and the Battle to Defuse the Carbon Bomb by Samuel Avery


Beyond “Money in Politics”

May 29, 2015 Editor 1

(The following is based on a presentation at the “Democracy and the 1%” public forum in Iowa City, IA.) The question of getting “big money out of politics” is an important one. In recognizing the […]


South Africa: Loyalists Ready to Walk

May 29, 2015 Editor 0

(Originally published in the Weekly Worker.) As the Congress of South African Trade Unions edges towards a formal split, one of the central underlying questions that has helped to fuel the Cosatu crisis is currently […]

The Left

Programme and Party

February 15, 2015 Editor 0

(Editor’s note: The following article was originally published in the Weekly Worker. The “Socialist Workers Party” referred to in the article is the British Trotskyist organization founded by Tony Cliff, previously aligned with the U.S. […]


Trade Unionists on the Oil Workers Strike

February 10, 2015 Editor 0

The headline was “Tesoro L.A. Refinery workers vote to authorize strike”, but, this was nearly three years ago. (Reuters, April 19, 2012) Two years before that a refinery disaster at the same company’s Anacortes refinery […]