A Class Program for Refugees and Migrants

Text of a leaflet distributed by Red Party members at demonstrations defending immigrants & refugees against the right-wing backlash

Subjected to xenophobic backlash

The xenophobic attitudes on display from the Republican presidential candidates, embodied by Donald Trump and his painting of an entire nation as drug dealers, criminals and rapists (and some good people, he assumes) are disgusting, but they’re just the sharpest edge of a whole political establishment that criminalizes and dehumanizes human beings.

Both the Democrats and Republicans, along with the major media and the big corporations backing them, frame immigration as U.S.-born workers against immigrants. Undocumented immigrants, fleeing economic devastation as a result of NAFTA and U.S. interference in Latin America, are used by the ruling class to drive down wages for all workers and keep native-born workers directing their anger downward rather than at the top.

The massive increase in ICE raids under the Obama administration, along with guest worker programs and “pathways to citizenship” that cement immigrants’ second class status, speak to this. The dehumanizing vitriol unleashed against the Syrian refugees is another area where chauvinist bigotry (including from 88 House Democrats and 2 Democratic governors) both plays into ISIL’s hands by further alienating oppressed refugees and lets imperialism off the hook. The disastrous invasion of Iraq destabilized the whole region, and U.S.-British-French support for sectarian forces of all types (including the Iraqi government and Salafi militias in Syria) directly lead to ISIL’s birth. The specter of terrorism is also a red herring – aside from the sheer impracticality, home-grown white nationalists have caused the overwhelming majority of U.S. terror attacks since 9/11.

Only a class-based, internationalist program can build a movement strong enough to undercut racist sentiment, break the “us versus them” narrative and deliver justice for undocumented workers and refugees alike:

  • We need to fight for a truly massive working class movement that organizes immigrant workers regardless of legal status and organizes across national borders – leveling up wages & working conditions across the board.
  • End the deportations; citizenship rights for all undocumented immigrants. Defend refugees’ right of resettlement – migration is a democratic right.
  • Oppose imperialist military intervention; only the international working class can stop war and social disintegration.

Download a PDF of the leaflet here.