#BlackLivesMatter and the Working Class

August 30, 2015 Editor 0

(The following is the text of a lead-off presentation, edited for clarity, from a Cedar Rapids, Iowa public forum in solidarity with the #BlackOutAmerica National Day of Action.) The movement that began last August in Ferguson […]


ACR Episode 72

August 21, 2015 Editor 0

Union local calls for AFL-CIO police union disaffiliation (0:00) CPUSA leader hails “people’s front” with Wall Street (10:00) Greece: Tsipras resigns as Syriza splits (22:00) Anti-communist repression in Kazakhstan (27:00)


A Sick System

August 2, 2015 Editor 0

Twelve-million Americans get misdiagnosed in a hospital each year. In 2011 a study reported that 440,000 people die of treatable diseases in the hospital each year. Such sad news comes to light in this story […]


Fight for $15: A Troubling Pattern

August 1, 2015 Editor 0

The fight for $15 scored a limited but noteworthy advance last week in New York, where Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Wage Board (an executive commission comprised of representatives from both capitalists and labor unions) coming […]