Announcement: New Party Program

August 24, 2014 admin 0

The Red Party’s new Draft Program is now ready for release, the result of two months of collaboration and debate. The new program is an overhaul on the old Draft Program from 2012; while keeping […]


Anti-Capitalist Radio Episode 61

August 10, 2014 admin 0

Further comment on The Great Fallacy (0:00) Comment on the potential of the Socialist Electoral Alliance (7:00) Russia: Not an oppressed country (12:00) ISIS’s entangled web and U.S. air power in Iraq (28:00)

The Left

Socialist Electoral Conference Talks Tactics

August 9, 2014 admin 0

Fifteen people, myself included, attended the Socialist Electoral Alliance’s first national videoconference on August 6th. The SEA is an initiative of the Campaign for a United Socialist Party (CUSP), although the relationship between the two […]

The Red Vine

The Red Vine: Issue #5, August 2014

August 8, 2014 admin 3

Download a free PDF copy, grab one from local RP sellers or take out a subscription. The individual articles will be posted separately on this website throughout the coming days. In this issue: History of the workers’ […]


What Way Forward for Palestine Solidarity?

August 8, 2014 admin 1

As these lines are written, the death toll from Israel’s month-long siege of Gaza stands at more than 1,800 Palestinians and 67 Israelis, 64 of whom were soldiers. For the Palestinians, the figures skew in […]


Iran, Israel and ISIS

August 1, 2014 admin 0

As the massacre in Gaza continues, time and time again the survivors of the conflict are heard on Middle Eastern and western media complaining about the leaders of Arab countries failing the Palestinian cause. In […]