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    Pardon our Dust!

    As you may have noticed, the Red Party website is presently under construction as we switch over to a new layout. You can see the new site in its formative shape now – check back frequently [...]
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    Trump and 2017

    Donald Trump’s electoral victory demonstrates, with stark consequences, that the Democratic Party’s strategy of triangulation has hit a dead end. Hillary Clinton, a personification of the ‘political establishment’ which has so transparently acted against the [...]
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    Without Masters or Slaves

    As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to prove its durability – a momentum propelled in large part by violence committed by agents of the state – the more forward-thinking section of the ruling class [...]
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    Left Strategy and 2016

    Now that Bernie Sanders has given his full-throated support to Hillary Clinton, the sections of the left that backed his primary campaign – and those that didn’t – are grappling with how to advance socialist [...]
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    Report from the Red Party Convention

    The Red Party held its first all-party convention via teleconference on June 17th through 19th. Though aggregates have been held in the past, notably in 2014 when the RP made changes to our Draft Program, [...]

Letters – March 22, 2017

The Left
March 22, 2017 0
Concerns regarding militia Comrades EB and DP have expressed concerns regarding the ‘Draft Program for the Democratic Republic’ and the section regarding the abolition of the standing army and replacement by a people’s militia. There [...]

Letters – March 18, 2017

March 18, 2017 0
Response to Foundation criticism On March 4th, 2017 a response to the Foundation Faction’s manifesto was published on the Red Party website. As the initial author of the first draft, I have probably the majority [...]
The Left

Letters – March 4, 2017

March 4, 2017 0
Criticism I would like to, in a personal capacity, go over the Foundation Faction’s Manifesto and draw out some criticisms. “Some of our more recently-joined members have promoted a line against certain Party positions, most [...]
The Left

Letters – February 2017

February 27, 2017 0
(Note: Since initial publication, this column has been edited to include a clarification letter – see “Response to Manifesto” below. -Ed.) On Convention Preparation The period before any conference is immensely important – formative ones [...]

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